10 Essentials for Your Hospital Bag

Your hospital bag is important, but it shouldn't be something you stress about! If you take a quick search through any website, you've probably found mile-long checklists that tell you that "essential" includes everything in your bathroom, nursery, and maybe even the kitchen. But let's be honest, are you really going to use all of that stuff during your 2-3 day hospital visit? Take a look at our 10 essentials for your hospital bag (complete with links to our favorites) to ease a little bit of that stress and anxiety, and hopefully make your bag a little lighter!

1. A Soft, Comfortable Robe - You'll have to wear a hospital gown at the beginning of your stay and a for bit after you give birth, but after that, you can change into something a little more comfortable! I recommend these robes because they are so soft and you don't have to deal with seams or messing zippers or buttons when you need to go to the restroom or shower. 

2. Hair Ties or Scrunchies - These are an essential, especially if you're going to be pushing! We all get hot and sweaty and the last thing you need is your hair getting all up in your face! I recommend these scrunchies from Anthro because they're super soft, won't give you a headache, and don't leave creases in your hair!

3. Flip Flops - Hospitals are supposed to be squeaky clean, right? Well, yes. But that doesn't mean you should be walking around the bathroom and taking showers barefoot! The last thing you want to deal with after pushing a baby out is athletes foot! So pick up some cheap flip flops and DON'T SHOWER WITHOUT THEM!

4. Loose Fitting Dress - Let's be honest...leggings are great. Especially for pregnant ladies, but right after you gave birth? Maybe not. That's why I would opt for some loose-fitting dresses to wear during your hospital stay and on the way home! This is especially true if you had a c-section because you really don't want anything rubbing up on the incision site! You really can't go wrong with any dress, but I love these nursing friendly dresses from Lou Lou and Company because you can wear them throughout your entire pregnancy, as well as after and they never lose their shape! 

5. Dry Shampoo - I don't even feel like I need to explain this one. I live on dry shampoo and I wouldn't dare give birth without it! The last thing I want is to have to go through the hassle of washing my hair while at the hospital, with their cheap shampoo and conditioner. This magic little spray solves all my problems!

6. Snacks - Going through labor burns a lot of calories (it's thought to be around 2,000!), which in turn can make you a little (or a lot, no judgement here) hungry! Because of this, I recommend packing a few snacks in your hospital bag. The last thing you want to do is send your husband off to find some snacks and you end up giving birth while he's gone! Plus if we're all being honest with each other, you're not going to find very many good snacks at the hospital! It's usually recommended to only drink clear liquids during labor but I recommend sucking on some Jolley Ranchers or other hard candy and enjoying your other snacks after you've delivered!

7. Camera - One of my favorite traditions, and one that I hope to start doing in the future, is to bring a couple disposable cameras to the hospital. Yes you have your phone, but I love the idea of having real, physical photographs!

8. Insurance Cards & Drivers License - This one is self explanatory, BUT DON'T FORGET IT! One tip for this is to take pictures of both yours and your husbands cards, on your husbands phone, just in case you do forget! 

9. Long Phone Charger - Hospital rooms aren't laid out to be convenient for you. This could mean that an outlet for you to charge your phone, is on the other side of the room. I absolutely love this charger by Amazon basics: it is 10 feet long, which might be a little excessive, but you never know when you might need it!

10. Soft, Cozy Outfit for Your Newborn - This is my favorite thing to pack in my hospital bag! I love any knotted gowns or zip-up onesies that cover my little ones hands and feet. Milk and Baby have the cutest designs for any newborn! 

BONUS: Of course we couldn't stop ourselves from sharing our favorite hospital/diaper bag so that you could store all of these essentials with ease! I love Fawn Design and couldn't live without their diaper bags! I love that it is modern enough to be used as a bag after your little ones are all grown up!

I hope you find this list helpful and have a great labor and delivery experience, whether you're delivering at a hospital, or at home! We'd love to hear what you'd pack in your hospital bag!


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