Baby Trends That Will Stand the Test of Time

Trends can change so quickly you may feel like your nursery plans and baby name ideas update with every trimester. Fortunately, the ideas below are trendy AND timeless. Guaranteed to last way past your 9th months of constant brainstorming.

Keep reading for current trends that are sure to age well.

Old-Fashioned Baby Names

History does repeat itself and this year that applies to baby name trends! I'm sure you have noticed names like Theodore, Eleanor, and George resurfacing rapidly. While some parents still opt for more modern nicknames like Theo and Ellie, more and more new parents seem to be leaning towards a full traditional name.

You know a name has staying power when it has already come back around multiple times. I can't speak for the next generations, but I am not sure a name like Brayleigh will age quite the same as a name like Louise. 

Hey, I am all for unique and trendy names. But if want a name that will age right along with your son or daughter, a vintage name could be a great choice. And thanks to 2020 baby name trends, we can choose a classical name without sacrificing current styles. 

I kept this in mind when choosing my children's names - Grant and Norah. They felt fresh and timeless at the same time. I can imagine them proudly using their names at every stage of their lives. 

For classic name ideas, check out our vintage name guide here!

Natural Wood Decor 

Recently, natural wood has become a staple part of many interior designs. The medium wood stains of 70's floor to ceiling panelling, or the dark cabinets of 2000's tuscan kitchens has been happily replaced by light natural wood tones. This trend feels fresh and light, and we don't think it will go anywhere any time soon.

This trendy new change does not apply to just kitchen cabinets and bedroom furniture - it applies to baby toys and nursery decor too! Light wood is the easiest shade to use throughout your home to make it feel cohesive. All of our products are made with smooth, sanded pine wood for a minimal and natural feel. Click here to see all the options we have available. 

Natural wood is easy to care for and ages gracefully without showing wear. Plus, like I talked about in our recent post here, replacing plastic products with wood ones is a great move. Wood actually has antibacterial properties and germs last less time on wood than plastic! And trust me, wood isn't much harder to clean than plastic is either. 

Switching from noisy plastic toys that you can never seem to buy the right batteries for, to timeless natural wood play gyms and teether toys will level up your look instantly.

Read more about this trend in our guide to Nursery Decor Trends

Gender Neutral Toys 

As gender stereotypes change, parents are feeling less confined to a blues only for baby boy, and pink everything for baby girl. Opting for gender neutral nursery decor, baby clothes, accessories, and toys is the best way to stay current. And this trend is only going to get trendier as time goes on.

Our toys are minimal and gender-neutral. This way they can fit in with whatever decor you choose, and can be passed down from kid to kid! Click here to shop all of our wooden toys!

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