DIY Halloween Costumes for Babies & Kids

I cannot believe that Halloween is literally right around the corner. If you’re like me, you’ve probably procrastinated your families Halloween costumes, because let’s be real here, we are in the middle of a pandemic and we all have more important things going on! But if you’re still wanting to get your kiddos costumes, but don’t want to spend an arm and a leg on a costume your kid is going to wear once, we’ve gathered our favorite DIY Halloween costumes, complete with links if you don’t already have these items at home! All of these costumes are super simple and easy to do with just a glue gun and some scissors!

Cotton Candy - This is one of the more complicated DIY’s but the end result was too cute not to share! Things you’ll need for this costume are a shirt or a onesie, pillow fill, spray adhesive, pink or blue colored spray - can be spray paint, or hair spray, just use something that isn't going to rub off on your babies skin, a beanie, and a piece of white printer paper. The first thing you’re going to do is take the onesie or shirt, the pillow fill, and the spray adhesive, and glue the pillow fill onto the shirt. Make sure to create layers so you get it really fluffy. You’ll want to do the same thing with the beanie. Once you’ve glued the fill onto the shirt and beanie, take your spray paint or colored spray, and lightly coat the shirt and beanie. Remember that cotton candy has a very light color so no need to go too heavy on the paint! Once that’s done, take the piece of printer paper and roll it up into a cone. Stick that on the beanie with some hot glue and you’re done! Add some pink or blue tights and some rosy blush and glitter to their cheeks for a finishing touch!

Ghost - This one is pretty self explanatory and most kids absolutely love it! Just take a plain white sheet, cut it so that your little one doesn’t trip over it, and then cut some eye holes out! Easy as that! We've linked to a top sheet on Amazon, but you can get flat sheets at Walmart for as low as 2 dollars sometimes. I'd also check the dollar store, you'd be surprised what you can find there!

Old Man/Lady - I can’t think of a more cute costume! And it’s super easy because you probably already have these items in your babies closet! For this costume, if you’re dressing up a girl, you’ll need a floral dressfake pearls, and, a knit cardigan or shawl. You can buy a children's wig if you want, but a light dusting of dry shampoo or colored hair spray will make their hair white! For a boy, I like to use a plaid button up, a bowtie, and some suspenders. You can also add some wrinkle lines with a brown eyeliner pencil if they’ll let you! I love Wet n' Wild pencil eyeliners for this. They're only 99 cents and you can find them at pretty much any grocery store.

Waldo/Wenda - For this costume, you’ll just need a red and white striped shirt, blue pants, a red and white striped hat, and some homemade wire glasses that you can make out of pipe cleaners! Super simple and way too cute! The hat we have linked actually has glasses that come with it so if you choose that hat, you won't even have to worry about the glasses!

Lumberjack - I love this costume because you probably already have a plaid shirt and some overalls in your kiddos closet and they will look so adorable in this costume! Just add on some little dots around their mouth for a beard with an eyeliner pencil or eyeshadow.

Strawberry - This DIY costume goes a little heavy on the felt cut outs but it was too cute to not share with you guys! You’ll need a red onesie or a t-shirt, a beanie or a hat in green, and black and green felt. For the green leaves, cut out some green felt in the shape of a strawberry leaf and glue it onto the hat. Then take the black felt and cut little ovals for seeds and stick that to the red shirt or onesie with some hot glue!

Ice Cream Cone - This costume, like the strawberry is heavy on the felt as well but so so cute! You’ll need a white shirt, tan colored leggings, a brown marker, and various colors of felt. For the cone portion of the costume, take the tan pants, and draw a criss cross pattern with the brown marker. This will make it look like a waffle cone. Then for the shirt, take your felt and cut them into little rectangles, these are going to be your sprinkles. Glue those on with hot glue. Then if you want to add the cherry on top (quite literally), you can make a large red pom pom out of yarn and add a green pipe cleaner for the stem. Glue that onto a headband and you’re good to go!

Sheep: The only things you’ll need for this costume is a onesie, and hat, some cotton balls, and black felt. Take your cotton balls and hot glue them all over the onesie and hat. You want to make sure there are a lot to really make the costume look like a fluffy sheep! Then cut out some ears out of black felt and glue them on each side of the hat! And voila! All done!

We hope that you enjoyed reading some of our favorite DIY halloween costumes for your kiddos, and we would love to see your DIY costumes. Tag us on Instagram so we can see your work!

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