Nursery Decor Trends You'll Love

I would argue that the nursery is the funnest room to decorate in the entire house. You get to spend nine months gathering all the perfect items and dreaming of time with Baby! Plus, since the nursery will change eventually as Baby grows up, there really isn't a need to make your decor "timeless." I get it, you want a timeless kitchen that you won't want to change in a couple years, but that thought process need not apply to your nursery makeover! Since the baby blues and pinks won't be sticking around anyway, this is the best place in the house to embrace current trends you love.

Remember, comfort is #1

This is a room where you cannot afford to sacrifice comfort for cutesy. However, when you're doing it right, there is no need to sacrifice either. This guide is meant to help you achieve the best of both worlds! 

However, before we jump in to all things trendy, take a moment to remember what this room will be used for. Lots of cuddle sessions, middle of the night feedings, and sneaking in to watch Baby sleep peacefully. The good news is, all this means is the nursery is all about you and Baby! Set up your nursery so that time there feels like self-care not just baby-care. You'll be spending a lot of time here soon, so make sure it's a place where the decor helps you feel peaceful, comfy, and happy. 

Current Nursery Trends

More Unisex Decor

The current trends of natural color schemes and abstract shapes fit perfectly into more unisex nurseries. Sticking with mostly neutrals plus minimal pops of colors individual to Baby will make it much easier to re-use your decor in the future. I am 100% on board with going all out for Baby's first room, but being able to re-use decor I splurged on again even as my kid grows is not a bad idea. 

Not only will you be able to repurpose your decor, but unisex rooms are totally on trend right now. All of our products are unisex, including these rattles and toys, so all your babies can enjoy them! Add natural woven textures and dried plants to complete the look.

Natural Wood Accents

Utilizing natural wood elements throughout your nursery is the #1 way to elevate your space. It makes your nursery feel grounded, tidy, and blend well with the rest of your home. After a day of spit up and singing baby toys with no off button, chances are you won't want walking into the nursery to feel like one more explosion of all things baby. Adding wood toys and other neutral decor will balance out the frills and make the space one you are excited to spend more time in. 

Our wooden baby gyms were created to fit into any modern nursery, but there are still plenty of customization options! Explore all of our baby gym options here to find what toy additions will fit best in your space. 

Possibly my favorite part of using more wood accents is when I need to pull out Baby's play gym or bassinet into the living room, it looks great with the rest of my decor all around the house! It doesn't stress me out at all to have baby items spread around my kitchen or living room when I know they all look beautiful instead of cluttered. This may not matter much to everyone, but as a new mom, I will take anything that makes me feel like I don't need to be constantly tidying up.

Layers of Textiles 

I can't stress it enough, cozy comfort is probably the top priority for any nursery. Among swaddles for Baby, don't forget a blanket for you! 

For a room that you won't ever want to leave, layer rugs, woven wall hangings, throw blankets, and a play mat for Baby. I love the look of sheepskin rugs layered on a vintage rug layered on a larger jute rug, as shown below. This layered look is everywhere on Pinterest right now, and your nursery is the best place to utilize this trend. 

In addition to the layered rugs and endless yummy blankets, adding macramé will complete the woven/textile look throughout the room. Our Macramé Gym Toys shown below will fit right in with your wall weavings and natural baskets. 

Use Useful Things as the Decor 

A good Nursery strikes the balance between baby basics and cute decor. In the middle of the night when Baby starts to cry, you'll be reaching for only the things you absolutely need, and the decor will feel less and less important. Because of this, my favorite way to decorate is to showcase beautiful toys, books, and clothing in the place of decoration. 

I love how the rooms below hang onesies, baby wraps, and mats in place of other decor! It brings together the whole color scheme of the room, looks well curated, and makes everything you need easily accessible. 

If instead of buying plants, vases, or other decor that is just for looks, spend your budget on beautiful toys, bottles, and items that will make your life easier. Filling your nursery with these beautiful items will still make the room feel complete, and everything will have a helpful purpose. 

The other major bonus of decorating this way, is even when things are left out or you don't have a chance to tidy up the nursery will still look as beautiful as ever! Having toys and baby supplies you don't feel the need to hide away will be a lifesaver, trust me! 

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