Our Favorite Vintage Baby Name Ideas

If you're like me, you've probably had a running list of baby names since you were 16. You want a name for your baby that is unique enough that they won't have to choose between going by their actual name, or a nickname at school, but classic enough that it will never go out of style and that they'll be able to grow into. Well, that's why I love vintage baby names. They're perfect for any age, and kids the same age probably won't have the same name as them. We've put together a list of our favorite classically vintage baby names to help you find a name you love. We hope you find one that works for your sweet babe!



  • Margo - When I hear this name, I just think of a strong, independent woman who's going to change the world.
  • Molly
  • Dorothy - The Wizard of Oz was my favorite movie growing up so I might be a little bit biased but such a cute name! Plus, she'll always have a go-to Halloween costume!
  • Annie - I love nicknames as full names, but you could totally name your little girl something like Elizabeth or Annabell, and call her Annie!
  • Lucy
  • Alice - Are you kidding me?? Too cute! Again, with the built in Halloween costume!
  • Louise
  • Mabel - This is probably one of the more old fashioned names on this list, but just picturing a little newborn baby named Mabel makes me want to go out and buy baby clothes!
  • Nora
  • Eleanor
  • Jane - Jane is that nice girl in Kindergarten that shares her crackers with you at snack time. 
  • Sophie
  • Caroline - This name literally means beautiful and your little girl will feel so special when the song "Sweet Caroline" comes on at sporting events.
  • Ruth - I love this name and would probably use the nickname Ruthie... can you think of a cuter name??


  • Ezra - Boy names are hard for me but Ezra has been on my list for years. It's the perfect amount of classic and modern.
  • Henry
  • George
  • Charlie - My grandfathers name is Charles so this name has always been on my list as a nod to my grandpa.
  • Theodore - Teddy? So cute!
  • James
  • Oliver - Again, the perfect amount of classic and modern!
  • Sebastian
  • Milo - I unfortunately can't use this name because I have a dog named Milo... but I think it would be perfect for a little boy.
  • Atticus 

We hope you found some inspiration from this list of our favorite vintage baby names. We would love to hear what your favorite baby names are, classic, vintage, modern, or unique! Share with us below, or on Instagram!


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