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Benefits of Balance Toys for Children

Benefits of Balance Toys for Children

Balance toys aren't just a source of amusement for kids - they embody a world of exploration, learning, and growth. But let's face it, they are also a lot of fun.

By offering children open-ended balance toys, we provide them with the chance to cultivate essential skills through movement and play. These toys not only support the physical development of children but also contribute to their overall growth and success. With balance toys, kids can explore, learn, and flourish in numerous ways.

What are the benefits of Balancing Toys?

Physical Development

One of the most significant benefits of balance toys is their effect on a child’s physical development. Not only do they enhance physical activity, coordination, and gross motor skills, but they also foster muscle strength and flexibility. Witness the growth and progress as children engage in play with these toys!

Cognitive Development 

These toys encourage the development of critical thinking and problem-solving skills as children explore innovative ways to engage with them, all while enhancing their balance and coordination. This experiential learning not only fosters self-awareness but also nurtures a sense of bodily autonomy.

Focus + Concentration

Balancing toys offers numerous benefits for a child’s focus and concentration. The manipulation of these toys requires their undivided attention, fostering cognitive development. Research also shows that toys like these open-ended toys hold your child’s attention for longer durations. They are even used as valuable tools for children with ADHD. By providing multiple uses, as opposed to limited options, these toys effortlessly extend playtime.

Creativity and Imagination

Balance toys provide endless possibilities for children to explore and express their creativity through play. By engaging their imaginations, children can discover innovative ways to utilize these toys while also acquiring valuable skills along the way. The versatility and open-ended nature of balance toys empower children to make choices and embrace their own unique journey of growth and development.

What are some examples of Balance Toys?

At Poppyseed Play, we offer a variety of multi-purpose balancing toys for preschoolers. 

  1. Wooden Balance Beam 

Our wooden balance beam is designed to support your kiddo in developing balance and coordination! Transform your living room or play space into a pirate ship as they “walk the plank”. Or you can switch up the arrangement, allowing for endless play possibilities - zig zags, straight lines, walking backward, side shuffle - you name it!

  1. Wooden Stepping Stones

Our wooden stepping stones are used to help boost children's physical activity, confidence, and gross motor skill development! Kids can use them to: develop paths and obstacle courses, pretend the floor is lava, follow the leader, play hopscotch, and much more! 

  1. Wooden Balance Board

This sturdy, high-quality board is designed to be used for jumping, twisting, balancing, sliding and more. Stand and twist or rock back and forth to build strength, balance, and coordination. The board can be used as a seesaw, slide, seat, lounger, step stool, boat, tunnel, racetrack, yoga mat, bridge and more. Let your little one safely explore every possibility!

If you're seeking the perfect balance game for preschoolers, why not combine all three and create the ultimate obstacle course with a "floor is lava" twist? It's a surefire way to engage their imaginations and keep them entertained for hours!

Balance toys are not only entertaining but also play a significant role in a child's overall development. From improving coordination skills to enhancing spatial awareness, they are a valuable addition to any play space. Plus, who knows, maybe your child will become the next circus performer or tightrope walker with their extraordinary balancing skills! So, go ahead and bring some fun and laughter into your child's life with these amazing toys.



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