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Baby floor time

Discover the Incredible Benefits of Floor Time for Babies

Discover the Incredible Benefits of Floor Time for Babies

Unlock the Magic of Unrestricted Play! 

Extensive research demonstrates that independent floor time is a vital component of your baby's sensory, motor, and cognitive development. While "containers" like seats and swings can be useful in moderation, their excessive usage concerns both parents and health professionals due to potential developmental delays and flat spots on your little one's head.  

Supervised floor play offers a superior alternative, enabling your baby to navigate their surroundings and cultivate essential skills! 

Advantages of Letting Your Baby Play on the Floor 

Motor Skill Development

Floor time lays the groundwork for your baby's future milestones, facilitating the growth of both gross and fine motor skills. 

Babies use this time to strengthen the muscles in their neck and core, which eventually leads to rolling, crawling, standing, and walking. It also affords ample opportunities for your baby to wiggle and move without being confined to a small space! 

Cognitive Development

During floor time, your baby's developing brain actively engages in a multitude of cognitive processes as they progressively acquire new skills to navigate and control their body movements. 

This pivotal phase not only allows them to accomplish specific milestones but also enables them to independently tackle challenges and master problem-solving skills, ultimately nurturing a sense of self-assurance and confidence in their continuously expanding abilities.

Encouraging Independence 

This safely-supervised floor time is a great way to foster independence in your baby. It provides them with ample opportunities to explore and develop their skills at their own pace, fostering a sense of self-reliance and resilience. 

As they engage in independent play, your little one will learn to entertain themselves, building their creativity, imagination, and problem-solving abilities. Soon, you’ll even be able to confidently tackle your daily tasks like cooking, showers, or cleaning while they happily play on the floor. 

Engaging Floor Time Activities for Infants

To start - you’ll need to create a safe, baby-friendly play area. Don’t forget to grab one of our play mats for some extra comfort and cushion!

Start small, gradually increasing the duration of your baby's independent floor play each day. And if you find it helpful, set timers as a friendly reminder! Soon, you'll witness your little one growing more self-assured with each passing day. 

To help boost their engagement during floor time, try introducing captivating objects such as:

  • Black and white books or toys
  • Mirrors
  • Toys with sound, movement, or lights
  • Infant play gym with hanging toys 

Watch your baby learn and thrive as they explore their newfound freedom and practice all of their growing skills! Before you realize it, after all the time spent on the floor, your little one will yearn for a well-deserved and peaceful nap. That means you'll finally get a chance to rest your eyes as well (or maybe at least one of them).


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