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6 Games To Play With Your Balance Stepping Stones

6 Games To Play With Your Balance Stepping Stones

6 Games To Play With Your Balance Stepping Stones

Providing kids with fun, open-ended balance toys allows them the opportunity to develop foundational skills through movement and play. 

At Poppyseed Play, we help ensure confident, adventurous bodies for life. With more physical and pretend play, kids start to hop, skip, jump with two feet, put together simple puzzles, and even get their dance moves on! Let’s just hope my kids get better dance moves than the ones I was blessed with. 

Step (See what we did there?) into a world of play and imagination with our colorful toy stepping stones. There are endless ways to play, but we’ll start with 6!

The Floor is Lava

If you haven’t played this classic game - where have you been? The rules are simple. First, set your set of stepping stones randomly around the room. You or your child(ren) will shout, “THE FLOOR IS LAVA”! We recommend yelling it loudly and dramatically to really set the scene. Once yelled, everyone must find stepping stones to stand on so their feet don’t burn. It truly is a game for all ages and great with a group of friends.

Follow The Leader

This is another underrated, classic game, perfect for you and your little one(s). Strategically place your set of 6 stepping stones around your play space, then dub yourself (or your child) as the leader. All other participants have to copy the actions and movements of the leader! E.g., Hop to the “green” stone. Touch the “yellow” stone surface with your nose. Stand on the “purple” stone with only one foot! You get it. It's a fun way for children to practice their coordination.


Don’t let bad weather, or lack of chalk, ruin your child’s hopscotch dream (that they’ve, um, had since this morning). Set up your stepping stones in different patterns and let them hop happily from stone to stone. The added bonus? It doesn’t immediately result in a trip to the bathtub. We accept “thank yous” in the form of 5-star reviews. Just kidding. Kind of. 

Color Recognition

Yep, just when you thought our stepping stones couldn’t get any better, we introduced their educational benefits. Our wooden stepping stones come in a set of 6 colors, which makes it easy for toddlers to practice and improve their color recognition! But don’t worry - we made sure they are tasteful and soothing. Your kids are loud enough, the colors of their toys don’t have to be, too.

Obstacle Course

Start your child’s Ninja Warrior training early, and create an obstacle course using our stepping stones toys (which also have a rubber like, felt non-stick bottom to make sure your jumping children stay safe) along with other household items such as the sofa, cushions, blankets, or even our ultimate climbing set. This freedom of movement in toddlerhood can help kids discover balance, coordination, and strength in their little bodies. Don’t worry - they’ll get better with time. Or, they’ll be like me who still trips over her own feet. Either way, the practice is good for them.

Balance Clock

A great way to involve the entire family across all ages is to see who can balance the longest on a stone. To start, everyone grabs a stone and sees who can stand in place the longest or set a timer and see who can last until the clock runs out. To make it more difficult, try standing on one foot, or even switch feet every 30 seconds. Balance is a great equalizer - you'd be surprised that it might not be the adults who win this fun game!


So there you have it, folks! Our stepping stones are not just a pretty addition to your playroom. They're a fun-filled, color-coordinating, motor skills masterclass in disguise. The perfect undercover educational tool!

And hey, if all else fails, at least you can use them as a method of exercise to tire out your little ones before bedtime. A few rounds of at-home Hopscotch or a good obstacle course and they'll be ready to hit the hay in no time. Trust us, we've tried and tested this method (multiple times). So, if our stepping stones help you get a few peaceful moments to drink that coffee while it's hot, we say it's a victory! Until next time, step on!


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